Bellevue Office

Personalized Relationships

Our favorite thing about the work we do is the close-knit relationships we have with our patients. We truly love the opportunity we have to get to know you and your family personally and to serve your children through the years, improving their health and life. We promise to always put your child’s needs first and will do everything we can to make their experience a great one.

Kid-Friendly Environment

Many people don’t think of a dental office as a place to have fun, but that’s what sets us apart! We maintain a kid friendly environment with movies, posters, stickers and prizes to keep your child entertained and happy from the waiting room to the treatment chair. Additionally, our friendly team is attentive and personable, making sure your child feels valued and well-cared-for. You may be surprised by just how much they enjoy their visit!

Quality Dentistry

We don’t just pay attention to the comfort of your child's experience; we pay attention to the quality of their treatment as well. We believe in delivering the best dental care possible and are always striving to continually improve. We aim for excellence in every aspect of your child’s experience and never compromise on the quality of our work.

Honest Team

At My Pediatric Dentist, we are an honest practice that truly cares about our families. We believe in being open and up-front about treatments and expectations. As a parent, you will be given honest recommendations for your child’s care and be fully informed of all options. Our entire team has your best interests in mind, and you can trust that your child will be in good hands here.

Community Involvement

We love both our patients and our wonderful community. What better way is there to show our appreciation than by giving back? We give of our time and talents through volunteer work and pro bono services, treating the under-served and providing quality care to those in need. We are truly invested in this great community and hope to be a continual, positive presence for years to come.

Thorough Education

Good habits start early, and they involve both parent and child. Dr. Hajek is dedicated to educating you and your child on the importance of oral health and will teach you how to maintain it at home. Any questions or concerns that you might have about your child’s care in our practice or at home will be addressed clearly so you can feel comfortable and confident in all your dental decisions. We genuinely care about your child’s well-being and are here to help in any way.

If you value these qualities in a dental practice, call My Pediatric Dentist today! Come to a team of clinical experts that is dedicated to meeting your every need.

We believe in delivering the best dental care possible